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Winnie v.d. Jura Grund

Winni 2.jpg

We welcome Winnie to vom Kervinshof. Winnie is a product of the highly regarded vom Jura Grund kennel in Germany. Her grandmother Gebby vom Jura Grund won the prestigious German International Test for Drahthaars. Her mother Ondra is also a very attractive high performance female. Winnie’s genetic background is proven in performance and health as she is a product of decades of selective breeding. She is a pretty girl great coat/conformation and sports a full beard. She likes nothing better than to please you and pouts a little if you forget to tell her “you are a good girl Winnie”. It is obvious by her outstanding performance scores that she excels in the field, water and blood tracking. She also attracts attention from everyone who sees her, and she loves to be admired. She is well suited as a family dog and will flip your hand with her nose if she wants to go outside or if she has been ignored too long. She is truly a “Gentleman’s Gun Dog”. Winnie was bred to Nando v. Duwelsberg before coming to Kervinshof and we are excited to see her first litter. She will be a great MOM.

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