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Meet Shelby L. Kervin

THE COFFEE IS HOT, THE STORIES ARE REALLY GOOD, AND THE DOGS ARE EXCELLENT. Schedule a visit to vom Kervinshof and tour our kennel facilities or sign up for our training seminars. Kervinshof is one of the oldest breeding and training kennels in North America for the imported German Drahthaar in North America.


  • Professor of Criminal Justice at Cameron University (retired)

  • Professional dog breeder and trainer specializing in German working dogs

  • Former chairman of the German Versatile Hunting Dog Testing Organization in the USA.

  • Certified by the German Jagdgebrauchshund as a versatile hunting dog judge

  • Owner of the vom Kervinshof Kennel, a German authorized Drahthaar breeding kennel since 1990.

  • Instructor for Gun Dog Training Seminars and Workshops for numerous organizations, DU, QU,
    Oklahoma Wildlife and Federal Wildlife departments

  • Trained and judged most sporting dog breeds nationally and internationally

  • Trained Schutzhunds (Police Dogs) for Tracking and Narcotics

  • Produced more than 85 litters of Authentic German Drahthaars

  • Importer of European working dogs



     I have owned trained and judged most sporting breeds and have conducted numerous seminars and training clinics throughout the United States. We have a distinguished 20 year record of selective breeding, testing and training versatile hunting dogs. Our clients are found in the majority of the states in the USA. Internationally we have clients in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Sweden and Russia. As an avid hunter, my travels have taken me from coast to coast in the USA and internationally to Europe, Canada and Mexico It has been rewarding to meet many new friends and hunt over Drahthaars nationally and internationally. Through many miles of travel, languages and customs I have found one thing to be true, wherever hunters gather it topics revolve around good stories, fireside chats, guns, dogs, wind direction and family. What else is there to talk about? My wife Madeline, frequently reminds me, if the topic does not start with a “D”, dogs, ducks, deer and “duns”; it is difficult for me to engage in any meaningful conversation. Our kennel facility is located on Lake Ellsworth, in the middle of the old Comanche, Kiowa, and Apache Reservation. This area in the Wichita Mountains is rich in history and on some nights we able to hear the drums from a nearby Pow Wow. Our goose and duck blinds are less than two miles from the kennel and we have a great training area for our dogs. When our puppies get about five to six weeks old they are ready for us to open the kennel gate, so they can frolic in their four acre fenced in “Puppy Playground”. And believe me, that is a site worth watching. The downside is when the time comes for them to return to the kennel, those little brats run and hide. It is like hunting for Easter eggs; they have scattered in all directions and think they are safely hidden. We are now forced to the play the irritating game of “let’s find the puppies”. When the hunting season is in full swing, it is waterfowl in the morning, pheasant and quail hunting in the afternoon, and maybe pigs or deer in the evening.

     My journey as a sportsman has been part of a five generation family tradition. As it was handed down to me, it has been my pleasure to pass on to my family the reality of a Creator. There exists a mysterious Designer who has put everything in perfect balance from the air we breathe to the unseen boundary that keeps a volatile sea in its place. We are taught to seek Him and He will teach us what is important.

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