Finished Dogs

Final Group Shot

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These dogs have limited availability and are “usually” imported directly from Germany. Please contact us for details and availability.

The CADILLAC of hunting dogs has accomplished everything a versatile hunting dog is expected to accomplish usually before the age of two. He has completed the first two tests. And the VGP Masters Test. During this test he has been under constant observation and pressure for two full days completing 26 categories and 18 hunting scenarios. He has worked fields, brush, forest and water, is steady to wing and shot tracked and retrieved fur and feather under all conditions and over all obstacles. His obedience is without question and in most instances has followed an overnight blood track leading his handler to a deer that otherwise would have been lost. He is emotionally stable and calm with a high intelligence factor and equally at home in the field, water, automobile, kennel, office or family setting. If his coat and conformation matches his performance, it is this dog that is sought after as a dam or sire to produce quality in a legitimate breeding program. Examine the credentials of our sires and dams and compare when looking for you next hunting dog and family companion.

Finished and/or Imported Dogs:
We have many customers who prefer to purchase a finished dog or import one of our professionally trained and tested Gun Dogs from Germany. It is important for the new owner to attend the owner/handler seminar for these trained dogs. It is very important the owner learn the commands (often in German) and understand the culture, training and proper management of this exceptional Gun Dog. Our seminars are committed to assisting the owner in developing and maintaining a positive home and hunting relationship with his new dog. Otherwise it is comparable to buying a new car without the owner's manual. We have many satisfied customers with imported dogs who are glad they purchased the finished dog, attended the owners seminar and have had years of wonderful companionship and hunting with a Gentleman's Gun Dog.


Owners of Imported Dogs

These sportsmen are the proud owners of superbly trained finished "Gun Dogs" imported from Germany and have completed our new owner/handler seminar. This seminar/workshop explains in detail the training and hunting methods used in Germany. We also provide important information on proper management and supervision of their dog at home and while hunting. In most cases they have never owned a dog trained and socialized to the standards expected by our German breeders, trainers and hunters. After a relatively short period of time the imported dog will readily adjust to his new home due to his unique ability to handle stress and his sound emotional stability. We have many owners ranging from Australia to Canada who report this is the best decision they have ever made concerning the purchase of a "Gentleman's Gun Dog". When the sportsman's wife is included in the process and picture taking other men are quick to say "look, his wife let him have one"!