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     Training versatile hunting dogs for multiple tasks on land, water and wooded areas is our specialty. Therefore we have multiple training areas designed especially for water work, field searches, pointing upland game, tracking and retrieving sessions that simulate real hunting scenarios. The dogs in training will work in multiple locations without getting bored or losing interest because they know the area to well. Dogs are boarded in secure kennel runs with a proper diet and housing for a dog in training. We maintain training bird pens and “Johnny houses” houses for exposure to wild birds. Our training facilities along with our expertise will allow the dog to progress according to his individual ability. At the conclusion of our structured training system the dog has completed each category satisfactorily. We provide important recommendations to the owner for managing the dog on a daily basis and during the hunt.  We are available for advice to assist our clients regarding any areas of concern. We can also schedule times for you to return with your dog for private instruction.

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