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Our Puppies



     They grow with the family and are a pleasure to train, however it takes time, effort, facilities and skill to develop your dog. If you do not have the time or skill for proper puppy development a started or trained dog may be the answer. If your decision is to have your dog trained we encourage our clients to return their dogs to vom Kervinshof. We specialize in training the Versatile Hunting Dog especially those from our kennel. There is a risk in placing your dog with someone unfamiliar with this breed and its characteristics or an amateur dog handler.

     We offer Authentic German Drahthaar puppies in brown and black roan colors from our imported sires and dams. We adhere strictly to the German system of breeding and training top quality dogs. Every dog listed on the pedigree has met the same performance and conformation standards through decades of selective breeding and testing. This insures our customers of receiving puppies that have a sound genetic history of coat, conformation and proven performance. Each puppy is well-socialized with daily human contact and has been exposed to bird wings, water and lots of exercise. They have been wormed, vaccinated and given lots of hugs. This is a dog of German quality that you can certainly be proud to own.
     The terms “Breeder and Trainer” are not well defined in the USA. In my opinion, the person who has one or two dogs in the backyard or handled a dog through a Dog Club field trial or test does not meet the criteria required by the majority of our clients.

     A deposit made by PAY PAL is required to reserve a puppy in your name. If an unexpected event occurs such as: the mating did not produce a litter, a smaller litter than expected, a medical issue during the pregnancy or the sex of your puppy was not available, we simply move your deposit to one of the next upcoming litters of your choice. We have multiple litters which ensures your request will be honored in a timely manner.  The balance is due prior to any dog leaving the kennel.

It is important to note that we cannot predict the sex, color or number of puppies born in a litter; therefore, if the specific color or sex of a puppy is not available or an unforeseen event occurs altering the pregnancy, your deposit will be moved to the next available litter. There is very little difference in the litters or puppies in the litter. When your request is specific regarding color and sex it may take a little longer to honor your request but we will make every effort to do so. Once we receive your deposit for a puppy, updates will be forthcoming with a copy of our highly regarded Puppy Guide. Our daily schedule is rather hectic and we are slow at times responding to telephone calls especially during the hunting season. E-mails are the best avenue for a timely response to any questions you may have.

Deposits are non-refundable and at the discretion of vom Kervinshof Kennel. Breeding rights are reserved by vom Kervinshof regarding the purchase of all puppies and or adult dogs. Written permission must be granted by vom Kervinshof prior to any breeding/mating of a dog purchased from our kennel. Written authorization is required and violations are subject to legal penalty and/or compensation. Please contact us for details regarding breeding authorization.


     Other than sex and color there is little difference between pups in the litter. We do not have any runts or culls in our litters. Most hunters usually do not have a strong preference. A working dog is the goal. Males are generally harder hunters. They are larger in size, stronger and possess more stamina, but are territorial. Females are usually more sensitive, close workers, require less training time but come into season twice a year, occasionally during hunting season. If you are thinking about a female and want to spay her because you do not have the proper facilities during her heat cycle the better choice is probably a male. It is critical this quality female not be accidentally bred to Fido living next door.

THE BEST PUPPY: One of my most frequently asked questions, How do you select the best pup from a litter? Select the puppy that you like best and you will be happy. It has been interesting to watch our clients when they try to select their puppy from a litter. The response is always: THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE, I HAVE NO IDEA WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE! The outcome is based on two factors, 50% Genetics and 50% Environment. As a breeder I have provided you with a puppy of unprecedented genetics and now it is your responsibility to provide the proper facility, training and management. We are available for assistance, advice and provide training seminars for our clients.

The first and most important point to consider when choosing a pup is genetics; focus not so much on picking a pup, but pick litters. Genes determine the reaction of a dog to its environment and the soundness of its conformation. Genes are the building blocks of heredity and are passed predictably from parents to offspring; therefore, picking an experienced breeder with proven brood stock and a reputable history of producing successful dogs is very important. Positive genetic traits of performance and health should be your goal. Pups change almost daily, the energetic one on Monday may be the sleepy one on Tuesday. Some of the greatest animals ever produced were the ones that did not really stand out like those legendary race horses, Seattle Slew and Secretariat. But when placed in the right hands with the right genes they can reach the mountain top.


     This area is specifically designed for our bred females, litter whelping and puppy development. Once a female begins her heat cycle and in the mating process she is moved to this facility. She is placed on a special diet, vaccinated and exercised daily. She has her own private stress free quarters for giving birth to her litter. As the litter grows they can venture outside the bedding area into a spacious sanitary kennel run. They run, play, argue and rough house with each other until they are hungry, tired and sleepy. When they are four to five weeks of age, the kennel gate is opened and they follow “Mom” into the “puppy playground”. Here they have grass, worms, butterflies, toys and room to exercise and develop. At six to eight weeks of age another gate is opened and they follow “Mom” into the 5 acre fenced training area. They are in a new world where they can run, grow and develop physically and mentally as they explore the field.

     We do not require or pressure our clients to join or test their dogs with any dog clubs. This is optional for our clients as many people do not have the interest, time, resources, and skill to train a dog for official Dog Club tests. We do require all of our puppies to be placed in hunting homes with the proper facility to accommodate a Gun Dog. Our daughter Michele, has the kennel vom Kervinshaus registered with North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association.

     Any professional breeder will quickly tell you it takes knowledge, experience, dedication and a sizeable investment to breed quality dogs. Puppy mills and backyard breeders cover the landscape and some buyers are just looking for a dog and any dog will satisfy them. Their goal is a less expensive dog that is close to their location. In time they may discover it wasn’t so cheap after all.  

The majority of our clients are not looking for just a dog. They want quality in everything they purchase and a Gun Dog is no exception. These people usually place our kennel at the top of their list.  


     Our kennel facility is modern, with isolated concrete runs, cleaned and disinfected daily. Each dog has an individual kennel run and a preventive health program. Our kennel is designed to accommodate breeding males and females, dogs in training and a separate whelping facility.
A free replacement policy may exist if certain requirements are met for a significant condition that prevents the dog from performing its hunting duties not created by the owner. This policy is at the discretion of vom Kervinshof Kennels. We cannot guarantee every dog will achieve breeding certification under strict German standards.

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