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vom Kervinshof?

Why should you purchase a vom Kervinshof Drahthaar?

     It has been recognized for decades that German breeders and trainers lead the world in producing and training some of the best working dogs. We are dedicated to maintaining the German standards of breeding and training here in America. We are probably the leading importer of German working dogs to the USA and have for decades imported the highest quality breeding males and females from Germany for our kennel. We have a solid 25 year reputation for the breeding, training and testing of the German Drahthaar. Soon we will produce our 90th litter under the strict German breeding system; an accomplishment seldom heard of in the USA. We believe there is a distinct difference in quality between the German and American dogs and we do not substitute quality. I have judged and evaluated the DD and other versatile breeds nationally and internationally and the DD is certainly our preferred choice.

     What we pay for some of our breeding males and females would equal the price of a new car. Many of those who purchase puppies and trained dogs from our kennel may not be fully aware of the outstanding quality they have just purchased. It is difficult for an uninformed person to know what information is accurate regarding a particular breed and especially the Authentic German Drahthaar. You will be exposed to many confusing advertisements listing American bred German Wirehaired Pointers/DRAHTHAARS from several registries AKC, FDSB, U.K.C., NAVHDA etc. that have bypassed the German principles of breeding, training and testing dog breeds. If they are seriously questioned it becomes more evident their knowledge is superficial about true DRAHTHAARS. These dogs are products of German imports from the 1950 era and have not adhered to the German standard for more than 70 years. Therefore, their origin is now compromised regarding heritage and standards of the breed.

Breed History

The Drahthaar History

When prospective buyers investigate the Drahthaar, it is generally based upon the reputation created by years of German selective breeding and training. During the latter part of the 19th century, several prominent German breeders theorized about the development of a versatile hunting dog that would have more value to the serious hunter than any of the present specialty breeds that were trying to serve in that capacity. They wanted to produce a dog capable, on any given hunt, of tracking wounded big game animals, searching and pointing upland game, and retrieving upon command a variety of game under any conditions on land or water. These dedicated German breeders took prime breeding stock from the four major breeds of the day (Pudelpointer, Kurzhaar-German Shorthair, Stichelhaar, Griffon) and incorporated these lines to create the Drahthaar. After years of breeding commitment and ridicule from established breeds, the Deutsch Drahthaar may now be the number one hunting dog in both numbers and performance in Germany. This breed has spread its dominance across Europe and is making their presence known in the homes and kennels of many American hunters.

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