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Kervinshof limits the number of dogs per year; puppies and dogs purchased through Kervinshof are given priority. Booking a dog for training must be made in advance. Pre-scheduling is required.


Health Requirements:

  • Please provide documentation for our records stating that your dog has met the standard health requirements for training. These health checks are designed to protect your dog and other dogs in the kennel. You may bring a copy when you arrive or email us a copy. If there is medication or other items your dog may need, we need your permission to do so.

    • Kennel cough bordetella 

    • Current rabies vaccination

    • Current vaccinations

    • Current physical indicating your dog is ready for training

    • Tested negative for intestinal parasites, coccidia and giardia

    • Tested negative for flea and tick infestation and ear mites

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