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Pre-Season Tune Up

Pre-Season Tune Up:

Have you ever wished the hunting seasons would hurry up and get here? With most families April through August are very busy times with the end of school activities, summer ball programs, family vacation time and a host of other hot weather activities. These busy people schedules often leave our dogs at home without the attention they need. Your dog becomes bored from this idle nonproductive time and may get the attention he wants with unacceptable behavior. He wants exercise, physical activity, and to learn new things. After all he is a working dog and looks forward to hunting, training and fun things. Early and late evening runs and water work before and after a hot summer day is what he deserves in the off season. It may be a great time to place him in our OFF-SEASON, stress free training and conditioning program. Be a good manager of your hunting partner and place him in our off season program he will love you for it.

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