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Ursa vom Wengelsberg

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Ursa traveled back to Kervinshof with us from Germany and we are glad to have her at Kervinshof. She is certified to breed by the strict rules of the German Jagd Terrier club. Ursa completed her German Performance Tests with high scores in obedience, field, water, bloodwork and rated excellent in conformation and very good in coat. Obviously, she is a very beautiful terrier sporting a strong athletic conformation, beard and great coat. She has been certified DNA health cleared and evaluated for mental/emotional stability, temperament and cooperative in all social situations making her suitable for family life, travel, sporting events. She is all TERRIER when it comes to hunting upland game, waterfowl, big game recovery and “don’t mess with my family”! We are excited about the breeding quality that Ursa brings to our kennel. Kervinshof Terriers “Gotta Love em”


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