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Nesko v.d. Brinkwiese

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Nesko v.d. Brinkwiese has arrived at Kervinshof from Germany. Why were we so interested in importing this highly acclaimed stud dog from Germany. His credentials of health, performance test scores, super ratings in coat and conformation and being a strikingly handsome fellow made him a top producing breeding male. It is important in a breeding program to maintain a genetic line of ancestry that has continued to produce outstanding offspring. Nesko is the son of our Astor II vom Eichenloh (last image in the above gallery). Astor the 2nd place dog in the prestigious German Hegewald test is now retired. How do you continue the quality genetic line? Nesko is the son of Astor vom Eichenloh and keep 30 years of breeding intact. We are relieved that Nesko is now in our possession. Nesko meets our criteria of being a powerful male with extreme athleticism that combines a great coat/conformation with temperament and trainability. Nesko's desire and effort in the field and water is a sight to see. His pointing, retrieving and blood tracking is excellent. He is very cooperative when hunting and in the home. His nose is excellent as he can smell a chocolate cookie from a mile away. He is really a big baby, loves people, good with other dogs and his greatest delight is children. Like his father Astor he loves to hear them laugh and likes for them to crawl all over him. We expect him to produce great puppies as we have maintained his line for more than 25 years. Welcome home Nesko.

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