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Lupo vom Ladonna

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Lupo “The Man” what a great looking breeding male. He is rated V/V excellent in coat and conformation and has very high scores in all of his German Performance Testing in fields, waterwork, obedience and bloodwork. Just when Lupo was strutting around showing his friends how good he looks and his athletic prowess in all the performance testing categories his sister Lena won the Prestigious Dr. Lackner Test for Terriers for 2023. Lena was awarded the title as the best DJT in Germany.

Lupo is proud of his sister but is a little grumpy today. Lupo is the classic example of what a selectively bred, professionally trained and health cleared German Hunting Terrier should be. He is calm, cooperative, excellent in coat and conformation, athletic, strong and powerful. Lupo like Ursa lives in the home great with families, people, all social setting and a versatile gun dog. He is a loyal friend and can be very suspicious of strangers or situations that could be harmful to his family. He works upland game, waterfowl and big game recovery. Lupo x Ursa will produce super puppies with that Terrier “attitude” and comical behavior.

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