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A beautiful and picturesque breeding male, Jago is 26 inches tall and 80 pounds. His conformation is rated at 11 and coat 12 (perfect) which makes him an ideal male for breeding. Jago meets the criteria of our breeding program that requires him to be emotionally stable, sound temperament, calm, confident and be in the home, family, kennel, vehicle and all social settings. His conformation allows him to flow like the athlete he is when covering the ground and stylish on the point when he contacts birds in the field. Jago is powerful in the water and makes 100 yard retrieves of the 18 pound Canadian goose with ease. The size and weight of these big birds prove to be difficult for many dogs. His soft mouth is a nice addition to his retrieving skills as he delivers to hand a live but fragile Bob White quail. His superb nose allows him to track and find the dead big buck that you thought was lost. His problem, he is a pouter, as he pouts when I leave without him. He gives you the “homeless look” hoping this sad look will change your mind and let him tag along. The act is temporary. If he thinks you are gone, he quickly reverts back to the happy, arrogant Jago. Jago has produced more than 10 excellent litters for our clients.

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