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VJP 71
HZP 238

A beautiful, stylish certified for breeding female with integrety and character. Her background is impeccable being the 8th place dog in the prestigious german hegewald. She is an "eye catcher", when sportsmen or those in the public sector see hexe the most common comments, "she is beautiful absolutely stunning" and hexe gladly accepts the praise and hugs from her admirers. Her performance is without question, she is athletic, muscular, powerful and obedient. Hexe was awarded a 12 (highest possible score) in water work and in the master test (vgp) she received a 4h with honors in water and the field. She is a product of german selective breeding as her sire was the best looking male at the hegewald in 2012. Her new found love is riding in the polaris ranger as we tour our hunting area. She loves people, children, hunting and going to café for morning coffee. Like most ladies she loves to shop (cabela's, bass pro) for a new collar, dog bed, and browse the isles for new gadgets. Shopping times are rather lengthy as so many people stop us to ask about her, she creates a lot of excitement and many admirers which she seems to take in stride.

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