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Heidi vom Mardersteg

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Certified for breeding by the strict Deutscher Jagdterrier-club in Germany.

V/V rating excellent in coat and conformation

Prize I 100 points breed field and water test

Prize 3 282 points in the VGP masters test for terriers

Bringselweiser (dead big game guide)

We have waited a long time to acquire a breeding female such as Heidi. I can assure you a female with excellent coat/conformation ratings and graduates with honors from every performance test that includes, obedience, track retrieve feather/fur, water work, under ground work, blood tracking and the special bringsel test are rarely sold. It was amusing but typical terrier behavior. When I met her at the Dallas airport upon her arrival from Germany, Heidi walks out of the shipping crate like she owned the state of Texas.


It is through German selective breeding and specialized training that the German Jagd terrier has the emotional stability to handle international travel, new language, culture and a new home with absolute confidence. When we give public demonstrations and participants see our terriers perform their obedience, retrieving land/water, blood tracking and the bringsel they say, “I see it, but I still don’t believe it” or “a small dog cannot possibly do what we have just seen!”  Our terriers are designed to be a “gentleman’s gun dog” one who resides with the family and performs the duties expected of a versatile gun dog. Heidi will be seen in the pheasant fields of Kansas, duck blinds of Arkansas and soon watching over her new litter of baby terriers. Follow Heidi on our website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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