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Grace II vom Schaar

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Grace has been a very important addition to Kervinshof. She is the great, great granddaughter of Brenda v.d. Konigsaue. Brenda (Blossom) is one of the foundational breeding females that I imported from Germany 25 years ago. Genetics from Brenda can be found on the pedigrees of some of the best dogs ever produced in Germany. She is also found on the majority of puppy pedigrees whelped at vom Kervinshof. Kervinshof has a 40 year history of producing some of the best Drahthaars in America and Brenda has genetically influenced the quality of many of those dogs. Grace II reflects the genetic history of many years of selective breeding that produced this great line of dogs. Obviously, Grace II is a very beautiful female but her name is a bit misleading. She is not the dainty, lipstick, high heel kind of girl, Grace is athletic, powerful and mission driven. Her high performance test scores in field and water document her ability as a versatile Gun Dog. Her coat and conformation allows her to function in extreme weather conditions. She is DNA health cleared from bone/joint, eye and blood defects. Her temperament and cooperation is excellent as she is at home in the family and all social situations. As with all of our dogs she has a little quirk. Mission driven she is and loves to overcome challenges and obstacles, unfortunately there are obstacles and challenges that I DO NOT want her to conquer. Such as: turning over a 100 pound dog food container to see what is inside, moving things around looking for her treats, she is a nosy, busy body and into everything that is NONE OF HER BUSINESS!  

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