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ella mae dinghof

Ella recently arrived from Germany and is certified to breed by the German Jagd Terrier Breed Club. Ella brings all the traits required for a high quality breeding female. She has an excellent coat and conformation, athletic, intelligent and a superb temperament. These selectively bred qualifications allow our Terriers to have long and useful lives without the typical health problems found in dogs without selective breeding backgrounds. She is well-suited for the home, family, children and field and water work. One would think after a long flight from Germany and being exposed to a new culture, she would take some time to quietly settle in to her new surroundings. Not Ella! When the shipping crate door is opened she jumped from one lap to the next introducing herself to everyone. In a blur she disappears and covers our entire home in a matter of minutes. When her investigation is complete she returns and plops down on her new doggie bed. I guess we have passed the test and meet her expectations as new owners. It is obvious Ella Mae has a touch of arrogance and thinks the title of princess does not fit her new American status. She prefers the royal position of Queen instead.
When Ella met her future husband Felix it was certainly a laughable moment. Felix takes the rigid and authoritative posture of a dignified “Stud Dog”. Ella is not impressed and completely ignores him as she speeds off to the exercise area, leaving Felix with his self-imposed dignity. At some point in the near future she will deliver a superb litter of Authentic German Jagd Terrier puppies. But at the moment she is very interested in the dirt mounds created by those little moles in the training area. Ella here! I wonder where she is now. She is at the pond chasing frogs and she is now covered with mud. The day is over and time to go inside, Ella is always in a hurry. Inside she spots her doggie bed; she runs leaps in the air and lands on her doggie bed. It sails across the slick living room floor and they crash into the wall. My wife Madeline is not impressed and Ella is about to meet her match.

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