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Audi standing.JPEG

Audi is a “top of the line” authentic German Jagd Terrier breeding male, and he follows perfectly the positive characteristics of his sire, Felix von Pohlman.  He sports an excellent coat and conformation.  He is athletic, intelligent, excellent temperament and fits perfectly in the family and all social settings.  He is a proven performer in the following categories:

  • He is obedient to the whistle and cooperative on and off leash.

  • Audi excels at pheasant hunting and other upland game birds.  He is steady to shot and retrieving shot birds to hand.

  • An excellent blood tracker capable of big game recovery.

  • He excels in retrieving ducks and geese from fields and water and sits quietly in the duck blind.

  • Emotionally stable with a great temperament make Audi a wonderful family dog.

  • He loves children as they make him the center of attention. As they love him, he loves them.

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