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VJP 65
HZP 245 2nd place Hegewald

VGP 1/309
COAT 10/ FORM 10

DNA F/F Produces beards in puppies
Breeding available to approved females

The Hegewald enrolls approximately 250 of the finest drahthaars in the breed for two days of rigorous performance testing. The performance scores in field and water are totaled on each dog. Then a day of strict coat and conformation evaluations are performed on each dog. Coat and conformation scores are rated numerically and each dog is judged to be unsatisfactory, satisfactory, average, above average and excellent. When all the scores are totaled a list is created placing each dog from #1 place to 250th place. Astor’s total score of 245 points tied him with Wenke v.d. Dachswiese for 1st place. Wenke broke the tie with one point better in coat/conformation scores.  Astor’s 2nd place in the prestigious German Hegewald tells it all!! Astor was trained and handled by Sabine Reck in Germany.  The Reck family is well-known and highly respected in the Drahthaar world.

Astor is a very handsome fellow and a true gentleman in character, behavior and temperament. He is the picture of a Gentleman’s Gun Dog in every respect. Astor “turns heads” when people see him and they often remark, “That is one beautiful dog”. He is athletic, trustworthy and very intelligent, which with his superior nose, may be his best traits. If things do not go as expected, Astor will soon figure it out and complete his assignment making something difficult look easy. He loves people and as much as I dislike the word “Politician” Astor is every bit a first-class “Politician”. He is very friendly, a baby kisser and a hand shaker. He has thousands of followers on his Facebook Page and loves all the attention. We are never satisfied with average or status quo in our breeding program and strive to maintain excellence in our breeding males and females. Astor certainly carries all the credentials for a superb Stud Dog and we are excited about the litters he will produce this spring.

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