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Aike v. Stederau


Aike is the Olympic star athlete and has the credentials to prove it. Her test scores are not average but excellent in every versatile gun dog category. She is athletic, high energy, very intelligent, and learns multiple training drills quickly. She is a beautiful female with a breed standard coat and conformation. Aike can be very irritating because she is high energy and needs to be given things to do or she wants to play with you. That means untying your boot laces, running away with your hat, leading herself around with the leash, getting in the front seat of the vehicle and telling you “come on let’s go” when we are not going anywhere today. Other than going out to train or hunt her greatest love is children. Her personality changes and she will be very careful and soft with young children. I think she loves to touch them and loves for children to softly touch and pet her as only a child can. Want a great puppy? Get an Aike puppy.

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