Xanto v. Fuchsberg

Xanto, known to his friends as Otto, is a fine fellow. He is very obedient and works very hard to please you in every way he can. Once Otto understands what is expected, you frequently find him doing what you want before he is ever given a command. He is a Gentleman in the home, kennel, automobile and all social settings. People often make the comment “I wish my dog was that well- behaved”. Otto has performed exceptionally well in every phase of his German performance testing. He works very hard with excellent stamina in the field and water. He is an exceptional blood tracker and has recovered numerous Elk for hunters in the rough Colorado Mountains. His ability to find trophy Elk for hunters whose shooting skills may not have been the best has endured him forever in their hearts. Otto just wants to “get along with everyone” and will work tirelessly for you on the hunt. He will also be your best friend at home by finding his place near your favorite recliner. He only asks that you tell him he is a “fine fellow” and you love him very much.