Urs II v.d. Dachswiese

He is finally here! Urs has ended our two year search for a breeding male that fits the requirements of our breeding program. We are extremely particular in the selection of a certified breeding male or female for our kennel as they are going to produce the off-spring that represents our breeding program. It is a well-known fact that we import our breeding stock directly from Germany and they are expensive. When my wife’s friends come over for coffee and I hear a “GASP” for I know the conversation has centered on our dogs.

Why Urs? Urs is a product of some of the very best dogs in Germany from 2006 to 2016. His Ahnentafel (pedigree) reflects a list of Who’s Who in the prestigious German Hegewald test. His ancestors during this period have continually ranked 1through 6th place in performance, beauty and near perfect coat and conformation. His very close relative “WENKE” was the number 1 dog this year in Germany. Therefore, he genetically carries all these attributes and has the ability to pass them on as a “Stud DOG”. Urs is a stunning dog to look at and he will certainly make you look twice as his appearance is somewhat over whelming. Urs is strong and powerful with an athletic muscular build and fantastic beard and coat. He has the look of a champion and the personality to match. He is athletic in the field with a gliding motion which is much different that a dog that simply runs. Urs is a “bull” in the water as he pushes through ice water and 3 foot wind-blown lake waves. His super nose is an asset on a cold blood trail for big game recovery.

NO URS!!!! GO AWAY URS!!! Urs loves children and even though he tries his best to be gentle it is rather impossible. His greatest delight is to see children playing outside, this means they will soon build a sand castle and the sand pile will have many strange looking toys to play with. Urs will soon be sprawled in the middle of the sand castle and digging out those cute little cars in their underground garages. Soon the children will retreat to the house and neatly arrange their monopoly game on the floor. Did you know that Urs loves to play monopoly? NO URS, GO AWAY URS, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE PUT HIM IN THE KENNEL. It is amusing as the children tire and drift off to sleep while lying on the floor with Urs sleeping beside them.