Kipper is a handsome fellow, strong, muscular and sports the classic square Drahthaars head with a full beard and eyebrows. He is 25 inches in height and 75-80 pounds. He is rated 11 conformation and 11 coat, which is just under a perfect rating. He meets our breeding standard of being emotionally stable, sound temperament, calm, confident and live in the home, family, kennel and is comfortable in any and all social settings. Kipper is extremely cooperative wanting to please you, but you must tell him he is a “fine fellow” or he will give you that look. He wants to know if you are pleased with his performance. His pointing, nose, retrieving land and water and obedience is without question. He simply refuses to leave a job undone and will work tirelessly until he solves the problem. He was awarded the VBR certification in Germany, while on a hunt he tracked and retrieved a big hare that was shot; however, it ran off into the distance. Without seeing the event, Kipper was brought in later and made an excellent game recovery by tracking and finding the crippled game and retrieving it to hand. Kipper has produced more than 10 litters for our clients and is highly recognized as a top producing sire. His problem is he thinks he is a “Casanova”. Kipper thinks every visitor to our kennel is bringing him a new girlfriend. When visitors approach his kennel and talk to him, telling him what a beautiful male he is, Kipper simply looks past them. His eyes are fixed on their vehicle, hoping they just forgot to take her out, and maybe he can get a glimpse of a bearded lady if he looks long enough.