Jella v.d. Dachswiese is a product  of some of the  highest scoring dogs in performance and coat and conformation in the Prestigious German Hegewald test. Her line of Drahthaars continues to produce some of the best dogs in
Germany. She is intelligent, athletic and rates excellent in coat and conformation. Jella is a high drive female but contrary to most high drive dogs she is very obedient and cooperative while hunting or in the home. She
is a "thinker" when weather conditions are not favorable and inhibit good dog work in the field, she will resort to experience in locating birds in "bird like places". Jella has excelled in every category of versatile dog
performance with the use of her excellent nose. She will always test the wind first and use her keen nose to cover ground much like scanning by radar. She is stylish in pointing, soft on retrieves and is superb in the
water and field.

We have many very satisfied clients with Jella puppies and expect her next litters to follow her strong genetic characteristics of good looks, desire, intelligence and quick to learn what is taught. She has her own little
quirk, she thinks too much. If she thinks I am going to the vehicle she will get in front of me and sit by the door. When I pass by the vehicle without getting in she is truly disappointed and will run to the next vehicle and
sit by the door. She "thinks" sooner or later we are going somewhere and she will be ready. Jella sometimes it is better to listen and not think