VJP 70
HZP 172
VGP I/317
Conformation 11
Coat 12


India is an exceptionally beautiful (schwartzchimmel) breeding female as seen with her outstanding conformation and coat ratings. She adamantly argues that her top rated score of 11 in conformation should have been a perfect score of 12. India is not one to take her obvious good looks lightly and will gladly “style and pose” for any photographer who acknowledges her beauty. She is not humble nor modest when it comes to any of her “wonderful traits” whether it be good looks or performance. She is athletic with a super nose and demonstrates a fluid, gliding motion in the field. While hunting she will “slams on the breaks” and point upland game (you guessed it) she becomes a “beauty model” with her staunch, rigid stance. India is persistent and will find game where no game is to be found as she works hard and does not want to disappoint you. Her retrieves are quick and soft in water or field bringing many live birds back to hand. She is dutiful on aged blood tracks which are difficult but she is not one who will quit when things get tuff. Because of her very young age, India will show her playful immaturity when i am serious and will quickly pout if i scold her. I recently returned from Germany with India and anxiously wait for her upcoming litter. I have a feeling those little fellows are going to have an“attitude” just like their beautiful mother.