Ilka is our most recent imported breeding female from Germany. She is a strikingly beautiful female with black and tan markings. Ilka is rated by strict German breed show judges as very good in conformation and excellent in coat. Terriers such as Ilka are difficult to find as she is a product of the International Test for Jagd Terriers held in Germany. A video of the (VGP) International Test is available for viewing on our website. There are only a few terriers that can qualify and pass this demanding test rating the versatility of the Jagd Terrier in performance and adherence to the strict breed standard. A terrier that does not qualify cannot be used for breeding. The performance categories in the VGP masters test requires a full two days of testing in the following categories.

  1. Obedience on and off leash in field/forest and water

  2. Field searches for pheasant, flushing the bird to shot, tracking the bird and retrieving the bird to hand.

  3. Water work requires blind retrieves in heavy cover and retrieves the duck to hand.

  4. Water work live duck, tracking an unseen duck on the water, producing the duck, retrieving the shot duck to hand.

  5. Completing a 4 to 5 hour blood track. Ilka is a 20 hour blood tracker

  6. Locate a fox den in the forest, bay and engage the fox underground.


Everyone loves Ilka and she loves some and tolerates others. Ilka is calm in the home but will bark, growl and stand her ground if she senses anything suspicious near or in the house. Our terriers are tough but comical and Ilka spends countless hours trying to find those little moles underground. She is always bringing items found in the field, most of them I have no use for but she will not go away until you take it.