Grandel v. Auental

Grandel is a very pretty girl but do not let her looks fool you. She is high drive, athletic and sports a super nose as reflected in all three of her performance test. She is very cooperative which is not usually the case for high drive dogs and her range is geared for the foot hunter making a day in the field very enjoyable. She excels in pointing and retrieving down birds to hand and has great stamina for long days in the field. Her scores reflect outstanding performance in every category of field work, water work and superb blood tracking to recover big game. She is trained for the “bringsel”, by attaching a special collar she finds the dead or wounded buck places the bringsel in her mouth, returns to you and leads you back to your buck. Her score of 340 points in the VGP Masters Test is more than outstanding; she received a 4H in three categories regarding field, water and nose work. The 4H signifies her score was the maximum in points that could be awarded and her work was so exceptional the “H” was given for HONORS. Similar to an academic degree awarded to a student for a perfect grade point and adding the award of Honors. Like all pretty ladies she must come first in every event and when she does not get the lavish praise she requires, particularly when I leave her at home she will “POUT”. Grandel will only peak out of her house when called or sit and face the other direction when you are talking to her. Tell her she is pretty and we are going for a ride and her beauty pageant behavior will quickly emerge.