Chelsea (Kira)

VJP 72
HZP 178
VGP I/336
Blood Disease & Eye Problems Free
Conformation 11
Coat 12


Chelsea (Kira) is our most recent german import. A beautiful black roan female with a perfect 12 rated coat and a near perfect 11 rated conformation. These qualities are important for a dog to have many years of productive hunting without the physical and mental problems that are detrimental to many breeds. What more could you ask for in a top of the line breeding female. Her elegant appearance and her good character, integrity, and loyalty are obvious. She is strong, muscular, powerful and athletic with a touch of nobility shown in her picturesque head.
Kira has excelled in every performance category required of a versatile hunting dog from nose work to searching, pointing, retrieving, blood tracking and obedience. When on the hunt, if she runs into obstacles on land or water she simply powers herself through it and completes the mission. When at home she has a totally different demeanor. We call her the “teddy bear”. She lies quietly on her bed and contently lets our grandchildren climb all over her. As the evening progresses kira and her three human children are all huddled together, soundly sleeping. They are dreaming only those things a child and dog can dream about.