Britta (BOMBE)

We call her “Bombe” and a bomb she is being 25 inches in height, 78 pounds and on a mission. She does nothing half/speed. Her water entry is like a “dock dog” and she lives to hunt. She has the same character of all of our females, gentle, loving, friendly and loyal. I was hunting in Germany and saw Bombe at the home of my friend and a few weeks later he had an unplanned job change. He called me and asked if I wanted Bombe. He really did not need to ask. She was his personal dog and he was obviously depressed at the thought of letting her go. He called me on his way to the Frankfurt airport and with sadness in his voice said “this is JUDAS calling you”. Bombe is safe and sound at Kervinshof Kennel and receives the best of care. A friend was visiting our kennel and wondered if I would sell him Bombe. For the first time, I could really understand the feeling and emotion of my friend Heinz. No, absolutely not, would I ever sell Bombe. Be careful where you are when you call her because she is going to come immediately regardless of how far away she is. My wife made the mistake of calling her while she was sitting in the Polaris Ranger UTV. Bombe is full speed ahead after leaving the water and she is not going to jump in the back!!!!